SAECO HD8954/47 Philips Xelsis EVO Review

For an awesome convenience at home, the SAECO Philips Xelsis EVO is ideal for coffee lovers that wants to enjoy an incredible cup of espresso without ever needing to step out of the house.

This espresso machine features an inbuilt ceramic grinder, an all stainless case, a choice for manual or automatic frothing options. Each of the espresso profiles can be easily programmed for the one-touch espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso lungo, and cafe recipe.

Moreover, with the recipes fully customizable from milk volume, the amount of foam, temperature to the coffee strength. Each can be selected easily on the go. You will home the luxury to custom tailor your daily dose of unique espresso to match your exact taste and preference. Don’t forget to also check out our list of top rated espresso machines.


Features of SAECO HD8954/47 Xelsis EVO Fully Automatic Espresso Machine


1.    Solid construction

The Saeco Xelsis Evo is made from the finest solid stainless body for an enhanced durability. At the base, you will find has a sliding wheel that makes rotation much easier, which is a very nice touch. The chrome finishing is Saeco’s way to display the elegance of the Xelsis Evo without making it a fingerprint magnet. With such sleek and modern design, this espresso machine easily fits into any kitchen décor. The robustness and sturdiness construction will ensure long-lasting performance. It’s good to note that this machine is slightly taller than some of the other automatic espresso coffee machines in the market. Before buying this machine, make sure you have checked the kitchen cabinet dimensions.


2.    Touchscreen display

What can be more futuristic than a stainless steel sleek design on a machine? A Touchscreen display of course! With the new touch screen display, you can easily create up to 6 user profiles. Each profile allows up to nine customizable drinks in a few simple touches.  This is extremely useful if you are not the only one in the family that loves to enjoy a good Cup of coffee.


3.    Water tank

Xelsis packs a removable 54-ounce water tanks allow you to brew multiple shots of espresso without emptying the reservoir. The water tank comes with an intenza water filter that allows you to test the hardness of the water. The water tank of the Xelsis Evo is located at the top of the machine which is easily accessible for hassle-free cleaning and refilling.


4.    Dual chamber milk carafe

The fully automated removable dual chambered milk carafe is perhaps the most noticeable upgrade from its predecessor. You can get to enjoy your milk specialties simply by pour milk into the carafe and everything will be taken care of by the integrated milk frother, ensuring a constant flow of dense and creamy milk froth at perfect temperature. You can customize the density of your milk from simple and light froth for lattes all the way to airy and lofty froth for cappuccinos. The carafe is also designed in such a way that no milk will ever enter the machine. After it is done dispensing the milk, the carafe will perform an automated steam cleaning. When everything is done, simply pop the carafe back into the fridge to ensure freshness of the remaining milk to keep it fresh.

5.    Dual use wand

If you are an aspiring barista, there’s always the option for you to steam and froth your own milk using the steam wand, which also acts as a water dispenser that provides readily available hot water for your tea or hot cocoa.


6.   Bean Hopper with Ceramic Grinder

At the top of the machine you will also find the bean hopper that is integrated with heavy-duty ceramic disc grinder. The ceramic bean grinders are superior to stainless steel grinders not just in terms of durability, it also features has an automated grinding adoption that makes sure that no matter what bean you use, the espresso’s adapting system optimizes the grinding cycles which make it perfect for brewing a good quantity of coffee. The Xelsis lets you select 8 different levels of fineness depending of the type of coffee bean you are using and what kind of coffee you would like to brew.

Oh! Did we forgot to mention how silent these grinders are?


7.    Bypass Doser

Although majority of the coffee fanatics will stand by grinding your coffee beans right before you brew your espresso to bring out the full aroma of your coffee, SAECO fully understands that some people do prefer pre-ground beans for certain reasons. And for that, the Xelsis Evo includes a bypass doser lets you brew your espressos favorite coffee is only available on pre-ground.


8.    Double Thermoblock

The Xelsis evo has two thermoblocks. This meant that the machine has the capability to boil water and steam milk concurrently, creating espresso at much shorter time compared to other models that has only one boiler.


9.    SBS (Saeco Brewing System)

The Saeco Brewing System can be easily controlled with the knob at the front of the Xelsis evo. Turning the knob lets you fine tune the strength and consistency of your espresso to your specific preference. Apart from the common espresso shot and cappuccino, you have the versatility to brew a whole range of different beverages from macchiato to the classic drip style coffee!

The brewing process of the Xelsis Evo includes a pre-infusion cycle that wets your coffee bean prior to the actual brewing to extract the full flavor and wonderful aroma from your grounds.


10.  Ease of maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of an espresso machine has never been so easy. Apart from the regular automated descaling of the machine with on-screen instructions, The Xelsis Evo is programmed to run an automatic water cleaning of its coffee circuit after each brew.

The milk carafe, water tank, as well as the brewing are all removable. All these parts and be easily detached and rinsed effortlessly. All the parts are also designed in such a way that they are not interconnected to each other so you can remove the brewing group and grounds container without disturbing the drip tray or milk carafe.


Overall view of the Xelsis Evo.

The Xelsis Evo gives user the wonderful option of enjoy a cup of top quality espresso by just pressing a few buttons and the machine does the rest for you without you ever need to take a step out of the house to visit your local coffee shop. And although it is on the higher end of the price spectrum, every aspect of the Xelsis Evo from the build quality to the end product is top notch.



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