Philips Saeco HD8745/57 Xsmall review

The Philips Xsmall Automatic Espresso Machine with an inbuilt grinder is in our opinion among the best espresso machines on the market. As the name suggests, it is among the smallest bean-to-cup espresso machines.
Saeco Xsmall has earned it’s place as the top 10 espresso machines due to its ability to combine functionality and design. It also has the unique ability toextract rich flavors from freshly grounded coffee beans at the touch of a single button.

What is Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machine best for

With its ergonomic design and solid functionality, this espresso machine is suitable for people who want to enjoy delicious coffee at their office or home without spending more than $500 on an expresso machine. With a price of $471 the Xsmall is among the most Value for money coffee machines in its category.
Its small size is one of the greatest features which determines the practicality for office or home. Regardless of the space available, this coffee machines proves to be a perfect match.

Clear instructions

The Philips Saeco Xsmall machine comes with clear instructions that help you understand on how to operate as well as maintenance. You are also provided with a quick start guide with instructional pamphlet. Instructions come in English, French, and Spanish.

Great operational design

The Philips Saeco HD8745 also comes with a series of light indicators that will alert you when something is wrong or when the machine is not used properly such as when the water level is low or when you need to remove the dregs.
It also has an ergonomic design that helps for quick work on everyday maintenance such as filling the water reservoir or clearing of the dump box.

Features of Xsmall Expresso Machine

Power saving

After an hour, this espresso machine automatically starts in a stand-by mode. This tends to conserve the energy for the next brew. This contributes to the energy saving feature of the espresso machine.adjustable ceramic grinders
This espresso coffee machine has an inbuilt ceramic grinders which produces an incredible grind that allows water to flow steadily to extract the purest essence of the coffee beans. Unlike other grinders, the ceramic material prevents coffee from tasting burnt.
The grid of this espresso machine has 5 settings which enables from the finest grind for the full-bodied to coarsest for a lighter coffee. The adjustable grinder helps you in preserving the coffee’s aroma without overheating.

Brews two coffee types

The Philips Xsmall espresso machine has the ability to make 2 varieties of coffee. That is the classic milk frother and the velvety milk foam. The classic milk frother is specifically made for people who assume the role of a master craftsman. Within a few seconds, you can make yourself a rich layer of foam that makes your coffee incredible.

Auto-cleaning and a removable brewing group

This espresso machine can be cleaned with relative ease. The parts can be removed effortlessly and rinse under tap water.
The automatic cleaning feature also makes it easy formaintanence and increases the espresso’s longevity. The Xsmall espresso machine will make most of you wish that every home appliance was this easy to look after and durable.

Ease of use

The Philix Xsmall machine is also easy to use. switching between coffee, hot water or Steam is as easy as turning the front Knob. The two side buttons act as a simple volumetric control which allows you to set the water volumes you desire.

Advantages of Philips Saeco Xsmall coffee machine

Better flavorsThe Xsmall espresso coffee machine unleashes these flavors by grinding the coffee beans making your cup of coffee more flavorful. The espresso machine breaks the beans into very small pieces for a better taste.

Small Footprint

The Saeco Xsmall is the smallest espresso machine available in the market. This coffee machine packs a lot of features and functionality into a small package.

Getting Jiggy with the machine

The finger guard consistently vibrates as the machine’s grinder operates so that the beans falls in the machine’s grinder chute with ease.


• The temperature of the brew may not Meet expectations of Some people that have a taste for hotter beverages.
• The Xsmall coffee machine is not the Most aesthetically pleasing in the world of espresso machines’
• The machine has now bypass doser – this means that you will not be able to use pre-ground coffee with Xsmall machine.
• The inbuilt grinder does not work as well with oily beans.
• It also has a small bean tank and water reservoir than larger coffee machines so it will need to be refilled now and then.


The Philips Saeco HD8745/57 Xsmall impresses with its numerous features and its small size which is perfect for a small kitchen. This espresso coffee machine makes delicious Italian espresso and it is very simple to operate. Overall,the Philips Saeco is a small guy with a huge package and its definitely worth checking out.

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