Jura Z6 Aluminum Espresso Maker Review

Sophistication comes to your kitchen with this coffee masterpiece. A machine of many firsts and onlys, the Jura Z6 Aluminum Fully Automatic Espresso Maker delivers on its promise to brew barista like coffee in your own home at the touch of a fingertip. Swiss based Jura has been a leader in the expresso industry since the 1980’s. A global player, selling automatic coffee makers to over 40 countries, Jura specializes in top of the line appliances and this beauty is no exception. JURA took its inspiration from the world’s best baristas, and made the JURA Z6 for the home, coffee shop or restaurant. Do remember to also check out our list of best espresso machine 2017.

Design wise, what we particularly love about the Jura Z6 is the front housing that features a smooth aluminum finishing, as compared to many competitors which uses plastic housing with metal-like paint coating. Another area that catches our attention is the navigation wheel and button at the top of the machine that reminds us of the ever-stylish Ipod classic.

At the front of the machine you will find an adjustable sprout and a nice stainless steel drip-tray. We like the face that the screen features full colored illustrations of your beverages instead of just wordings. The screen is not touch-enabled thou, there are 6 buttons at the side to select your favourite drinks on the go. The drinks are customizable using the navigation wheel on the top.

Pulse Extraction Process

The Jura Z6 Fully Automatic Espresso Maker introduces us to the world’s first Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P®), which boasts the ability to “prepare coffee to the same standard as the best coffee shops.” The format is a special brewing procedure only to Jura machines, allowing maximum flavor extraction from your coffee beans by pulsing water through the grounds instead to fully deliver what the Jura calls “a dreamlike espresso.” One thing to note is the pulsing process will extend the whole brewing process marginally, but its worth the trade off for the rich flavor and pronounced crema you’ll get in return. The Pulse Extraction Process guarantees the very best smells wafting through your house for every coffee masterpiece you make, even the short specialty ones. Jura adds this process “occurs while delivering the full accumulation of aromas and intensity from the best coffees in the world.”

At the top of the machine, you will find the bean hopper which houses 9.5 ounces of beans, along with a bypass doser for your pre-grounds. There are ten levels of coffee strength for you to choose from. Another feature that sets the Z6 apart is that the ten levels of temperature control for both your coffee as well as milk. We are pleased to say that this machine can really deliver hot coffee, which many of it’s competitors fall short in this department.

Frothing options make it easy to froth or steam milk to perfection. Skilled enough to make everything from the newly popular flat white to a ristretto with one simple touch, this fine instrument prides itself on the competence to make perfect milk foam with customizable ease. Water flow and temperature are optimized, which allows even short specialty coffees like espresso to be delivered with a full, rich bouquet and delicious flavor.


Energy Save Mode

Timeliness and energy efficiency are also important to the Jura Z6 Aluminum Fully Automatic Espresso Maker, priding itself on being fast and easy to operate with the ability to grind, brew and self-clean in less than 60 seconds. The speed of a brew makes it extremely feasible for this machine to work in a restaurant or coffee shop. The rotary switch operated machine also as an Energy Save Mode (E.S.M.©), a zero-energy switch and a programmable switch-off time.


Intelligent Water System

Due to the Intelligent Water System (I.W.S.®), filter usage has never been easier as compared to its predecessor because it automatically detects filter presence so that you will no longer be prompted for descaling. We are very pleased with Jura’s generosity to include an additional water filter for removing substances that affect and downgrade the coffees taste and smell. The added cleaning benefit of a CLARIS Smart filter “provides water of perfect quality for the best possible flavor.”

This beauty also has integrated rinsing, cleaning and descaling with an additional feature of adjustable water hardness. The Z6 comes with a cleaning system that allows you to clean your whole system with the hose of your milk chamber. Keeping your appliance clean and in the best working order will prolong the product life. Jura offers one of the longest warranty’s in the industry at two years or 6,000 brews, whichever comes first, along with an easy to use site dedicated to maintenance and care.

Committed to their product and customer service, Jura’s website offers over 100 recipes that any type of coffee lover will enjoy. With all kinds of options available, users just check off what their ingredients are and pull up the beverage that best suits them. These little values added gestures by Jura are really appreciated by consumers like us.


Worth the Premium Price

The cost of this sleek beauty is high, substantial depending on one’s committee to coffee, but it’s worth it if you enjoy good quality varieties of java and drink lots of it. Another downside for some users will be the milk carafe that comes separately, a costly add-on. Users have to clean the milk hose and carafe after use, but Jura experts state that the Z6 is much easier to clean than previous versions. The theory is that its easier to clean emphasizing that you will never have spoiled milk in your machine. As well, you can remove the carafe with any leftover milk and put in your refrigerator until next use.

While the separate milk carafe will not work for some buyers, this gadget does come with one of the largest water tanks on the market at 81 ounces. Not having to add water very often might offset the need to hook up of the milk carafe for every use.

Additional features include a 15-bar high performance pump, an AromaG3 grinder just before brewing that assures the highest yield of flavor and aroma, and a color display screen where the user can rename different specialty coffees and transfer them to the start screen. Another added benefit is the height. Coming in at 12.6 x 17.7 x 14.8 inches, this high-tech machine is compactable enough to fit in any kitchen.

The Jura Z6 takes the challenge to make coffee better than your local café very seriously and devoted coffee lovers of all kinds will enjoy this beauty. If you stick to one cup of black coffee a day, this machine likely isn’t for you, as it is a big investment. However, if you love trying all different kinds of coffee and relish the perfect barista-quality espresso, the Jura Z6 Aluminum Fully Automatic Espresso Maker could be what you have been waiting for.

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