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Best Espresso Machines of 2016

The perfect dose of caffeine is a great way to kick-start your day. As pleasurable as it is to buy your daily double-shot latte from your local coffee shop, brewing your own espresso at the comfort of your home often proves to be a much more rewarding experience.

Not only can you customize your espresso to your exact preference, it is also much less flammable to your pocket. Not to mention the amount of time you can save every morning. But there are a vast selection of espresso machines in the market, each with its own different features and characteristics. From machines capable of formulating fancy espresso cocktails, macchiatos and cappuccinos, to purely espresso makers. How do you go about choosing the best espresso machine for you?

We will take a closer look at different aspects of various espresso machines and discuss on things such as the functions, warranty, water tank size, as well as the stability of the water temperature.

Types of Espresso Machines

Manual espresso machine





Ease of Use and Cleaning

Needless to say, regular cleaning and maintenance of your espresso machine will not only ensure that you always get the finest brew daily, it also significantly increases the lifespan of your machine. A dirty or poorly maintained espresso will not only induce unwelcomed flavors into your daily cuppa, it often result in technical problems that can cause damages to your machine, requiring you to spend additional money for repair. Money that's much better-off spent on buying  quality beans.

With some of these espresso makers looking like a time-machine in Dexter's lab, the thought of removing parts from the machine can be daunting. That's often one of the reasons why people end up purchasing their daily dose of caffeine from Starbucks. But is that bit of extra effort to clean and maintain your beloved espresso machine worth $4.50 a day? Or $1,642 a year? Definitely not! Cleaning and maintaining your espresso machine is actually much easier than you think. With a bit of practice, you will find that the process can as rewarding as your daily brewing routine.

Click here for a comprehensive step by step guide on How to properly clean and maintain your espresso Machine now.

Why having a Good Grinder is Important?

Many coffee lovers put most of their focus into the type of coffee beans and brewing machines for their daily brew, but place little emphasis on the grinder. You may have heard from many fellow coffee drinkers on how fresh ground espressos are much fresher and preserve flavor much better than pre-ground. Here at Wedge Espresso, We would definitely recommend grinding your own coffee beans for each brew to retain that wonderful fresh aroma every single time.


However, When it comes to grinding, do you know that choosing the right mill for your beans can bring your daily espresso to a whole new level? With such a wide range and different choices on the market, From Manual to Automatic and Ceramic to Steel blade. There are so many things to consider such as the consistency, granularity, temperature control, and of course noise level. With so many factors in mind, the selection process can often be intimidating for first time users.


Fret not! In this article, we will differentiate each categories of grinders and walk you through on how to select the best coffee grinders for your needs. You will be sipping away on your freshly grounded espresso in no time!

Are capsules Espresso Machines worth the money?

If you have been walking around your local mall recently, you’ve probably seen one of these futuristic looking coffee machines, which are advertised to brew quality coffee in a ridiculously easy manner. All you have to do is pop a little capsule in, press a few buttons and the machine will dispense a serving of delicious gourmet coffee into your coffee cup in a metter of seconds! And make no mistakes, it doesn't just produce black coffee. They are capable of mixing your favorite cappuccino, Mocha, Affogato..etc.. you name it, they would probably have it. The best part is each single capsule is only a fraction of the price of your daily coffee at the local hipster cafe. How revolutionary is that?!

But, how does it stack up against your traditional espresso maker where your coffee is freshly grounded from whole coffee beans, compared to pre vacuum packed into little disposable plastic capsules? Is it just another overhyped product marketed by giant coffee conglomerates to make more money out of everyday consumers? And most importantly, Should you choose the capsules coffee machine over the traditional espresso machines?